House Rules for Gianna's Rooftop

The apartment should be like a second home to you. You should feel comfortable and be able to enjoy your stay. We've put a lot of effort into setting it up and we hope you'll find everything you need. The following house rules are intended to help ensure a harmonious stay by regulating the use of the premises. By treating the apartment properly, you help us to offer you and other guests a comfortable accommodation. Please handle the entire facility with care and ensure that your fellow travelers also comply with the house rules.



Arrival and Departure

Arrival is by arrangement, generally from 3 p.m. On the day of departure we ask you to vacate the apartment by 11.00 a.m. at the latest. By checking into the apartment you accept the house rules.




You are welcome to use anything that is not marked with a stop sticker:




Duty of Care

The apartment door must be locked with a key at all times when leaving the apartment. Please never let the key out of your hand. Lost keys must be reported immediately and you are responsible for replacing them. Remember: The key box is available to you with the same code throughout your stay.




Please handle the kitchen and technical equipment with care. Store plates, pots and cutlery in the cupboards only when they are clean and dry. Always use a coaster on tables or the worktop for pans and other hot objects. Also always cut with a cutting board underneath. Please keep the interior of the oven and microwave clean.



WLAN & office equipment

You will find the WiFi information at the entrance of the home. A wireless printer and a large screen with keyboard are available in the office (USB C docking station). Under no circumstances should you make any changes to the wiring. If you have problems with this, please contact Janine. Generally, you use WiFi/Internet at your own risk.




Please bring all cushions and loose objects from the terrace inside, pull in the sun blinds and close the balcony door on time to avoid possible damage from storms and rain. If the sun blinds accidentally get some rain, please let them dry while they are extended to prevent mold from forming.




A damage can happen to anyone. We will appreciate if you let us know about a damage that has occurred immediately so that we do not only discover it after your departure. In general, tenants are liable for damage in the amount of the replacement or the repair costs.



Waste Management

Basically, the waste is disposed separately. The recycling station is in the old wicker chest in front of the apartment door. Please use the waste bin in the kitchen and the cosmetic bin in the bathroom only with waste bags! No solid waste, leftovers, harmful liquids or similar may be thrown or poured into the kitchen sink, toilet, washbasin and shower! Please avoid anything that can lead to blocked pipes (no hygiene articles in the toilet).



Open Windows

for good air quality and for a good indoor climate , we ask you to ventilate the rooms regularly, preferably by opening all windows for 5-10 minutes a day. Thank you.




Should you ever have a dirt accident (extreme dirt, emptied liquids, etc.), we ask you to eliminate it immediately. If this is not possible, please contact Danijela. She  will be happy to help you (at an extra cost). For longer stays, Danijela will contact you about the appointment for the weekly cleaning.



Quiet Hours

Living in an apartment building, we ask you to follow the official quiet times such as at lunchtime, at nighttime and on Sundays. In respect of others, silence should also be maintained in the apartment itself between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Parties are not allowed.




Smoking is allowed on the terrace but not in the apartment. You may find an ashtray there. Please dispose the completely cold remains of smoking in the trash waste bin.




Pets are allowed after consultation with the host. It is particularly important to us that your animal does well behave and does not cause any damage or heavy dirt to the apartment. should this happen, we will charge you an extra fee for the cleaning.



Parking Facilities

You can only park on the visitor parking spaces for a short time during check in, after that you can use parking space no. 69 in the garage.




The host is not liable for the valuables of the guests. Claims for damages against the condominium owner are excluded, unless there is intentional or grossly negligent action.



House Rights

In the case of immediately necessary repairs (of course only in absolute emergencies) it can be essential that someone has to enter the apartment without the knowledge of the guest. For longer stays, Danijela enters the apartment after prior notice for the weekly cleaning, Peter for the terrace every once in a while.



We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and recreation.

If you miss anything or need help, please contact us without hesitation.


Your Hosts

Janine & Danijela


Janine +41 79 794 32 12

Danijela +41 76 316 82 82