Furnishings & Instructions

What will you find in the apartment?

Fully equipped kitchen with

  • Plates, cutlery and glasses
  • pans and cooking utensils
  • dishwasher
  • Microwave, toaster and kettle
  • Nespresso coffee machine & some capsules
  • a selection of spices (will not be refilled)
  • some tea, sugar, coffee cream (will not be refilled)



Living Room with

  • Blue-TV with 7 days replay
  • large feel-good sofa



Study/bedroom with

  • sofa bed (approx. 150 cm)
  • 2 workplaces at the desk
  • Wireless color laser printer
  • Docking station with large monitor and keyboard
  • USB charging station in table top
  • Office supplies & paper (will not be refilled)
  • sofa bed (approx. 150 cm)
  • Storage space & clothes rack




  • 24 h-self-Check-In with Keybox
  • Parking space  in garage
  • Cleaning once a week
  • Change of linen once a week


Brandnew, state-of-the-art bathroom with

  • walk-in shower with rain shower
  • Stylish modern sink
  • Storage space for bathroom utensils
  • powerful hair dryer
  • washer/dryer
  • laundry detergent
  • Shower gel, shampoo and soap
  • towels



Bedroom with

  • Double bed (160cm)
  • cabinet
  • ironing station
  • 2 fans
  • vacuum cleaner
  • drying rack



Terrace with

  • beautiful view into the countryside
  • Sunset in the summer months
  • two lounge chairs with cushions
  • Side table with tray
  • Dining table with 4 chairs & cushions
  • Decoration & Lighting


Furnishings - a short explanation

this is to present you quick instructions to  devices that we think you should know how to use them.  Afterwards, there is an A to Z for all other problems or questions.



What are these three things?



The switch regulates the electric light on the terrace wall.



there is a light ball with a rechargeable "bulb" on the terrace - take the bulb out with a twist and charge it with the cable on the back of the sofa - turn the bulb back in and regulate the light ball with the remote control.



This is the remote control for the electric sun blinds on the terrace:

  • Select the respective Blind with the bottom button (position 1 = blind on the left, position 2 = blind on the right) to regulate the blind - "my" button to stop




The left of the two remote controls is only used to turn the TV on and off (red button). For everything else, use the right remote:


- First switch on the Swisscom Box below the TV (see second picture - green light = on, red light = off)

- The TV shows a kind of overview menu - press "Back" on the remote control to go to TV

- Now click on "TV Guide" for an overview of all channels and programs. You can watch programs up to a week back.

- To switch off - on/off button on both remote controls


By the Way: Both remote controls are stored in the coffee table drawer by the sofa.


Blue TV Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.3 MB




A quick guide is available for download below.




Sodaclub - carbonates our high-quality tap water

  1. Fill the white Sodastream bottle with water up to the mark
  2. screw it into the device from below
  3. press the blue button on the top of the device until you hear a loud "fart noise" (sorry, but that's the best way to describe it). Repeat once or twice, depending on your taste
  4. Pull the bottle forward and unscrew - done.


Gas supplies are available from Danijela




coffee machine

  1. Fill up the water tank
  2. Switch on the coffee machine by pressing the switch in the back (light turn on)
  3. Lift the lever at the front and insert the coffee capsule. press the lever down firmly.
  4. Place the cup under the spout.
  5. Select the desired cup size - the machine stops automatically when the filling level is reached
  6. Enjoy your coffee.

 The basket on the microwave as well as the coffee cream in the fridge or spices etc. should make things easier for you after your arrival. But please take care of supplies yourself if you need more.


Microwave Instructions in Several Languages
Mikrowelle Komplettanleitung.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.1 MB
Nespresso kurz-short D-E.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 742.2 KB

Study/Second Bedroom


Monitor & Keyboard - Docking STation

The docking station enables the use of monitor and keyboard by plugging the white USB C cable into your own laptop. Switch on the monitor - and everything should work.



After you have registered your computer in the WLAN, you can print wirelessly. Simply select the HP Laserjet 375 printer and get started. The printer can also scan...



Office Supplies

These are in the metal drawer unit on the right and on the wooden drawer unit in the middle.



smart light

The switch for the paper table lamp is right next to the lamp on the table. When the sofa bed is unfolded, the switch can be inserted into the bracket on the wall, serving as a night light switch.



Everything From B as in Bed Sofa to W as in Waste


Bed Sofa

Please contact Danijela for converting the sofa into a bed. She will be happy to help you.




In the first cupboard in the hallway, you will find many tea lights.




There are two fans available, which can be used for cooling - optionally with rotation or without.




If, against all experience, the electric power fails, you will find the safety system behind the picture in the hallway. This is where the flaps are located, which you can simply set to “on” again. That should fix the problem - if not, light candles and wait.




Emergency Numbers

Feire Fighters

Rescue Service

Air REscue Service





A fire extinguisher is located in the stairwell.




The fireplace cannot be used but you will find candles in it, which you are welcome to light.





There is a thermostat in each room, which can be set individually. It shows the temperature measured in the room. If the temperature makes you uncomfortable, you can adjust it with the knob followed by pressing the small square button. transmission to the control center is confirmed with a green flashing.


Please note that the floor heating is very slow and the temperature should only be adjusted if it is very uncomfortable.




Iron and ironing board are in the closet.



Locked cabinets

Since the apartment is my home, I locked away some of my personal belongings. Please respect that some cabinets are locked for this reason or to store linen and supplies. You can recognize the non-accessible cupboards by this sign:







If your empty suitcases are in your way, you are welcome to leave them in front of the apartment door. Since there is no "through traffic", they don't bother anyone there.





In the first closet in the hallway there are mosquito plugs, which drive away the critters after a short time (please keep a window or door open so that they can get out). Good to know: Mosquitoes generally only bite from July. Before that, they're still too young - really true! Replenishment for the plug is available from Danijela.




The cushions and other accessories for the terrace can be found on the mobile shelf in the dining area. Please treat them with the necessary care and taking them in at night or in bad weather to protect them from moisture and dirt. The lanterns are solar powered, so they charge during the day to light up at night.




The washing machine is a combined device that can wash and dry. However, drying takes a long time and the result is not always satisfactory, especially if there is (too) much laundry in the appliance. But it is possible to wash the laundry and then dry it in one go. The washing temperature can be selected individually for each program – usually 30, 40 or 60 degrees. A drying rack is in the closet.

The closest laundry and dry clean service: Textilpflege Leo at Oberdorfstrasse 11 in Baar.





You should use the blue Garbage bag under the sink with care, because we also pay the Waste fee when you buy it. An empty bag costs CHF 3.00. You should therefore only bring it to the container facility when it is well filled. Containers are located at house no. 5 (walk uphill). The containers (for residual waste and organic waste) are marked for each house and can be opened with the apartment key.


You can find compostable organic waste bags in the drawer under the microwave.


Materials such as glass, PET, metal(-Cans), aluminium, batteries, cardboard, paper etc. are recycled. In front of the apartment door there is a rattan chest with the appropriately labeled bags. Danijela takes care of the disposal of the materials in the chest.